Goldman School of Public Policy - University of California, Berkeley

By Area of Responsibility

Academic Resources

Academic Resources (MPA)

Academic Search Management


Admissions (Concurrent Degrees)

Admissions (MPA)

Advisor (MPP Program and Undergraduate Public Policy Minor)


Buildings & Grounds


Communications Coordinator

Compliance & Risk Management

Course Evaluations Coordination

Course Scheduling

Custodial Requests

Dean’s Board of Advisors

Department Academic Student Employee Recruitment

Desktop Support

Diversity Initiatives & Recruitment

Emergency Management



Facilities Manager

Faculty Personnel Management

Financial Aid

Financial Analysis

Financial Assistance (MPA)


Fund Management

GSPP Website Maintenance

HagueDV Project

Head of Administrative Operations, CSHE

Human Resources

Human Resources Liason

Internal App Support (Room Reservations Calendar, Internship System)

International Programs

Lecturer Applications

Mailing Lists

Major Gifts

Oversight for school’s Admin & Operations

Policy Notes

PPIA Program

Press Inquiries

Program Manager: Visiting Scholar’s Program, David P. Gardner Research Seminar


Resource Management

Room Reservations

Special Events

Staff Personnel Management

Student Conduct

Student Conduct (MPA)

Student Organizations and Leadership Opportunities

Student Services (MPA)

Systems Administrator

Video Conference & AV Systems

Violence Against Women