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Master of Public Affairs (MPA)

Leadership for a changing world

Take the next step in your career

The Berkeley MPA program benefits mid-career professionals in the public, private, and non-profit sectors who want to advance their careers and are poised to take on greater leadership and policy focused roles in their workplace and professional communities.

Learn the skills to make an impact

The focus of the degree is on policy analysis combined with deep engagement with questions of organizational leadership, innovation, economic analysis, ethical leadership, strategy and adaptation. Students also undertake individual and group assignments that emphasize both short turnaround analyses and in-depth studies of policy issues. You conclude the program with a Capstone project where you will conduct a thorough analysis of a major policy question facing a real world organization, applying the interdisciplinary methods, approaches, and perspectives studied in the MPA’s core curriculum 

Throughout your studies, you will
 enjoy personal attention in small classes, and join a network of professionals and executives leading the charge to shape government, business and non-profits. 

Learn from distinguished Goldman School faculty

Classes are taught by top faculty, researchers and practitioners who are on the leading edge of today's most pressing public policy issues: climate change, energy, education, poverty, and the political process.