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Selected Publications

An Update on Spain’s Health Care System: Is It Time for Managed Competition?

Rodriguez, M., R.M. Scheffler, and J.D. Agnew. “An Update on Spain's Health Care System: Is It Time for Managed Competition?Health Policy 51 (2000): 109-131.


Using national data and the most recent OECD figures, we provide an updated assessment of the Spanish health care system and its reforms. We compare figures from Spain with other major industrialized nations and find that the Spanish system appears macro-economically efficient and equitable. However, like many other countries in Europe and elsewhere, the Spanish health care system confronts continued pressures to provide high-quality universal care in the face of ever increasing costs and competing uses for financial resources. These pressures have prompted the enactment of several reforms, which are reviewed. We draw from the American experience with managed care and managed competition to illustrate possible paths for further reform.