Goldman School of Public Policy - University of California, Berkeley

Public Policy & Int’l and Area Studies


This concurrent program has been established for students interested in the development of their skills and methodological sophistication in international studies. Concurrent degree students complete the MPP/MA in three years, including a summer internship. Students are invited to apply to the International and Area Studies program after enrollment at the Goldman School of Public Policy. They must have at least one year remaining in public policy at the time of their application to the MA program. Students applying for admission to the IAS program should be aware of the requirement of demonstrated proficiency in a modern foreign language and a demonstrated strong background in economics and politics. For further information, contact International and Area Studies at (510) 642-4466 or (510) 643-4159 or the GSPP Admissions Office at (510) 642-1940 or email:


Students may organize their course work around either a topical or an area concentration.

A topic-oriented program concentrates on selected aspects of current international affairs. Course work might combine studies in economics, political science, and contemporary history and could focus on international, transnational, or global issues such as trade, investment, security, communications, environment, multiculturalism, or migration.

An area-oriented program would focus either on a major country or region of the world and have a strong historical and cultural dimension. An area-focused program might call for work in regional history, anthropology, geography, and sociology.

All students must demonstrate a strong grounding in economics and politics. Students who have not completed equivalent course work prior to entering the program must take Fundamentals of Economic Theory (Econ 200 A&B), and at least one graduate level course in political science such as Theories of Development and Political Change (PS202 A&B); The Nation-Building Process (PS205); Comparative Political Economy (PS209 A&B); or International Political Economy (PS226 A&B).

Minimum Requirements for the Degree

A minimum of 24 units of coursework, independent of courses undertaken for the professional or Ph.D. degree is required. At least twelve of the minimum 24 units must be graduate-level course work. All courses must be outside the professional school or department in which the student registered.

Demonstrated proficiency in a modern foreign language relevant to the focus of the program of study equivalent to the completion of four college-level semesters of basic language study. None of the courses taken to fulfill this requirement count toward the degree. A maximum of four units of advanced language courses, if relevant to the focus of the student’s program, may count toward the degree.

A written or oral comprehensive exam based on program of courses.

PDST Tuition Costs for the MPP-IAS Program

For students accepted into the MPP/IAS concurrent degree, the Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition (PDST) fee is assessed as follows: For the MPP/IAS Program where the second degree does not have a PDST, the student is assessed the full GSPP PDST for two years only (total=4 semesters). GSPP student services will monitor the enrollment and CARS bills of any concurrent degree students and ensure they are billed for a total of four semesters worth of PDST. 

Apply to the MPP/IAS(MA) program.