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PP297 Graduate Student Led Course Information

Are you interested in creating and facilitating your own course at GSPP?

If so, you may wish to launch a graduate student led course (PP297). This opportunity allows GSPP students to be innovative and creative in leading a course focused on a certain public policy topic within the classroom context.  Please note only currently enrolled GSPP students are eligible to create and facilitate a graduate student led course at the Goldman School.

PP297 Graduate Student Led Course in Public Policy (1 unit)   

Course may be repeated for credit as topic varies. One and one-half hours of lecture per week. Must be taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Prerequisites: Open to graduate students only. Course examines current problems and issues in the field of public policy. Topics vary from year to year. (F,SP)

**Students have the option of launching either a 7 week (half semester) or 15 week (full semester 14 weeks plus RRR week) class.

Procedure – 6 Steps to Develop your Graduate Student Led Course
  1. Meet with the Senior Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Dean of Students. Set-up a meeting with Martha Chavez (martha_chavez@berkeley.edu.
  2. Complete PP297 Course Approval Form. GSPP students interested in launching a graduate student led course (PP297) should complete the attached PP297 course approval form.  Student facilitators must be Goldman School of Public Policy students.
  3. Secure GSPP Faculty Sponsor. Student facilitators must secure a GSPP faculty member who will serve as the Instructor of Record/Faculty sponsor for the course.
  4. Develop Course Syllabus. Under consultation from the GSPP Head Graduate Advisor & the GSPP Instructor of Record/Faculty sponsor, the student facilitator(s) should develop a course syllabus and discuss the total number of work hours (Total hours includes in-class contact + outside work such as homework assignments, research, readings, etc).  For instance, because the course is offered as 1 unit, the total work hours for the semester would need to equal 45 hours.  These 45 hours can include speaker sessions, class meetings, outside readings, projects, and/or papers. The student facilitator(s) would need to submit a syllabus that would reflect who the speakers would be as well as the outline of additional work that would total to 45 hours.

    Example: 1 Unit must equal 45 total hours per semester
    In Class Time = 1.5 hours per week (15 Wks) / 3 hours per week (7 Wks)
    Outside Work = 1.5 hours per week (15 Wks) /3.42 hours per week (7 Wks)
    Total Time      = 3 hours per week, across the 15 week semester (45 total hours)
                             6.42 hours per week, across the 7 week semester (45 total hours)
  5. Submit Paperwork. Submit PP297 Course Approval Form, Course Syllabus, and Supplemental Questions (if applicable) to the Senior Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Dean of Students, Martha Chavez, by appropriate deadlines.
  6. Meet with Course Scheduler. Set-up a meeting with the Course Scheduler to discuss scheduling details for the course, such as preferred days, times to offer the class and room space.
Student Enrollment Information

Students enrolled in PP297 (Graduate Student Led Course) will receive 1 unit of credit.  This class is offered on a pass/no pass basis.  Student can enroll in PP297 or other elective classes on a pass/no pass basis.  Only 3 credits max at pass/no pass will count towards their 55 unit MPP degree.  Please see MPP Handbook for more information.

Student Facilitator Enrollment Information

Student facilitators of PP297 can enroll subsequently in 2 units of independent study credits (S/SU).

Evaluation Information

Course evaluations are required for all student facilitators that will be distributed online by GSPP's IT team.