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Podcast: Talk Policy To Me

Episode 205: Talking Housing Re-segregation

The color of housing in the Bay Area

As rents continue to skyrocket in the Bay Area, housing displacement is disproportionately affecting people of color. A “geography of racialized inequality” has long been set in the region—but today’s segregation is taking a new configuration as new housing market preferences take root. 80 percent of neighborhoods in the East Bay experiencing gentrification were previously redlined, according to a finding from UC Berkeley’s Urban Displacement Project is providing research and data tools to characterize the nature of this displacement in the Bay Area. In this episode, UC Berkeley public policy student Spencer Bowen and urban planning alumnus Philip Verma discuss some of the data analysis and what it reveals about the the Bay Area’s housing market today. Tune in here.

Are you interested in getting engaged with housing issues in the Bay Area? Here are three suggestions from Philip Verma:

  1. Read Evicted by Matthew Desmond
  2. Read more about California housing policy. You can start with SPUR and the Terner Center.
  3. Every neighborhood has slightly different challenges. Find out what challenges your neighbors are facing by talking to your local council member.
  4. Learn more about Urban Displacement Project’s data tool.

Speakers featured on this episode

Philip Verma is a Master of City Planning student interested in the intersection of housing policy and environmental health, especially for low-income renters. He has worked as a housing advocate in New York and Oakland, helping tenants fight evictions, harassment, illegal rent increases, and substandard conditions. He also spent two years as outreach director for a sustainable transportation NGO in Bogotá. Philip graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in History.