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Dean Brady on DACA

From Dean Henry E. Brady

Today's action by the Trump Administration to end DACA demonstrates the ultimate failure of our government to develop humane and thoughtful solutions to problems, especially those regarding immigration.

My personal opinion is that DACA was the right solution to a vexing situation and that ending it elevates legal niceties over the exercise of justice and the practice of basic American values.

As many people have said, those affected by DACA came to America as innocent children with their relatives. They have distinguished themselves by becoming Americans in every sense of the term, and in many cases they have little or no connection to their places of birth. Sending them back to where they were born would be cruel, inhumane, and simply foolish. The truth is that they have invested in America and America has invested in them through schooling and other programs. We should work to help them achieve the American Dream instead of standing in their way.

My hope is that the US Congress will find a way to rectify this mistaken policy.

In the meantime, I want to assure our students, staff, and faculty, that we at GSPP and at the University of California are committed to doing all that we can to help DACA registrants navigate their way through these difficult times.