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Customized Programs

A Global Challenge

As one of the top ranked graduate programs in public policy analysis, the Goldman School understands that individual leaders and organizations face great challenges in a rapidly globalizing world. Public policy traverses all sectors, from business to nonprofits, international development organizations to governments, and the need to understand local context and access and analyze data is critical. To respond to such challenges, questions must be posed:

  • How can public-private partnerships become more effective and transparent? 
  • What role does geopolitics play in expanding your organization?
  • How do you build a strategic plan to empower women in your community?
  • What are the challenges faced by tech companies in making their businesses more sustainable?
  • How do current United States’ laws and regulations affect my policies? 

The Goldman School can help you and your organization to not only explore answers to your most pressing challenges, but also frame the right questions.

A Partnership for Impact

The Goldman School offers customized programs for organizations to meet their immediate and long-term needs. We can engage governments of developing countries to help strengthen their institutional capacity to respond to the social, economic and environmental challenges of urban development, or work with Asian private sector companies who would like to understand the regulatory environment of the United States.

We strive to build a “partnership for impact” with you and develop programs that will facilitate innovative thinking and intellectual renewal. Our customized programs:

  • Respond to relevant to changes in the world (cross-border issues such as health and environmental policy analysis)
  • Invest in strengthening organizational leadership at all levels (next generation public leadership, advanced negotiations and management)
  • Create a space for answering actual problems faced by participants through sharing of practical experiences (live projects, comparative and multisectoral approach to analysis, and access to industry thought leaders)

Alumni of our programs include government officials and legislators from Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Mexico, and Taiwan.

Previous Programs
The Program Development Process
  • Consultation and Program Design – Our distinguished faculty and staff will engage you in a continuous discussion to help determine and prioritize your goals for the program. Together, we can identify the right participants (in terms of level of leadership and roles) and make- up of the class (cross-functional or within teams) for each kind of program. The timeframe and format of the program will depend on what would be ideal for the scope of the topic and schedule of your organization. Our programs can range from a day to several weeks within a year).
  • Learning Methodology and Content – Our faculty, who are experts in their respective fields, run interactive sessions to bring out the most of your learning experience. The sharing of lessons among participants and networking opportunities with thought leaders from different sectors enrich our program content. The selected program faculty team will provide frameworks for rigorous policy analysis and problem-solving, as well as highly customized leadership and management development processes. Their approach is comparative, highlighting international best practices. Examples of potential topics include:
    • Public Leadership and Management
    • Law and Public Policy
    • Economics of Public Policy Analysis
    • Energy and Society
    • Environmental Policy Analysis
    • Strategic management
    • Policy in the Internet Age
  • Program Location – Our global programs can be delivered on-site or in our beautiful campus in Berkeley, California. We offer an academic atmosphere and modern facilities. Our faculty can also travel to conduct international programs. Professional interpretation and translation of materials may also be included in the program.
  • Post-program evaluation – The Goldman School is committed to programs that will positively impact organizations. During and after the program, faculty and staff will conduct in-depth program evaluation to determine if program goals have been met or are on target. The School’s long-term view ensures a meaningful partnership for your organization.
The Berkeley Advantage

As part of UC Berkeley, the Goldman School provides a unique learning experience for leaders participating in our customized programs. UC Berkeley is home to 8 Nobel Laureates, 32 MacArthur Fellows, and 4 Pulitzer Prize winners. 48 programs place among the top 10 nationwide. The Goldman School is also ideally located in the multicultural San Francisco Bay Area, which includes Silicon Valley – a global center for high-tech innovation. Our customized programs leverage on this access to top faculty and industry leaders who have broad international and local expertise, giving your organization a truly global experience.

Contact Information

For more information on our customized programs and to start a discussion on how we can help your organization, please contact gsppglobal@berkeley.edu or fill out this inquiry form.