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Center for Environmental Public Policy (CEPP)

The Center for Environmental Public Policy (CEPP) at the Goldman School of Public Policy (GSPP) takes an integrated approach to solving environmental problems. By synthesizing scientific, economic, technical, social, financial, and political understanding, CEPP collaborates to support the creation and implementation of public policies based on exacting analytical standards that carefully define problems and match them with the most impactful solutions. CEPP’s primary focus is on climate change, the key environmental challenge of our time.

The landmark Paris Climate Agreement, with national commitments from virtually all nations to reduce greenhouse gases, offers an unprecedented opportunity to act on climate change. With broad engagement and financial commitments from all levels of government, international financial institutions, pension funds and endowments, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and the academic community, the Paris Agreement has created the core structure for meaningful action. Converting those policy and financial commitments into specific policy actions and concrete investment strategies in each country is the key to meeting the Climate Agreement’s goal of holding global temperature increases below the 1.5 degrees Celsius that science tells us is necessary to protect our planet for future generations. 

CEPP is focused on the development of those optimal global, national, local, and private sector policies that ensure successful implementation of the Paris Agreement. CEPP’s integrated approach seeks to define transformative and cost effective energy, transportation, waste, building, land use, industrial, and other climate policies coupled with financial mechanisms that will catalyze the $90 trillion in public and private low carbon infrastructure investment over the next 15 years that the United Nations estimates is needed to produce thriving, healthy, safe, clean, and sustainable economies in developing countries as well as in the developed world. 

In service of this work, CEPP aims to bring together faculty and experts from across the UC Berkeley campus and beyond to collaborate with and train policymakers at all levels of domestic and international governments, and to convene expert panels to discuss the most innovative and robust partnerships and approaches.