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Dean Henry E. Brady

A conversation with the Dean

The genesis of Henry Brady’s passion for politics and public policy can be traced to the 60s, when he was an undergraduate studying math and physics.

“I became involved with student organizing [at the Claremont Colleges] and in protesting the Vietnam War,” he says. Through those experiences, I became intensely concerned about race relations and public policy in America, and about how we might better live up to our fundamental beliefs about equality and freedom.”

After four years of working in Washington DC, including a stint as a staff member for a White House Council led by General Bernard Schriever, Dean Brady’s interest in politics and public policy led him to graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he completed doctorates in political science and economics. His first teaching post was at UC Berkeley in Fall 1978, at what was then called the Graduate School of Public Policy.

Now more than thirty years later, Henry Brady is dean of the Goldman School.

“These are exciting times for the Goldman School,” he says, “because the world, the nation and the state of California are facing thorny and complex public policy problems that rouse us to action.”


“The Goldman School’s faculty, students, and alumni are engaged in finding solutions to important public policy problems,” he continues. “They are working on fiscal and economic issues, education, housing policy, criminal justice, health care, governmental institutions, global warming and the environment, defense policy, and many other areas. Members of the faculty are inventing and designing new public policies, analyzing existing and proposed policies, and commenting on them almost every day in the news media. Our alumni are in the thick of things in Washington, Sacramento, and around the world. Our students are fired up over the chance to solve these problems. And we are ready to do more.”