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Robert Epstein

Co-founder, Environmental Entrepreneurs
Co-founder and former EVP, Sybase

Robert Epstein


Bob Epstein is an entrepreneur and holds a PhD from UC Berkeley in electrical engineering and computer science, specializing in distributed database systems. He has been heavily involved in founding the Berkeley Food Institute that works to catalyze and support transformative change in food systems, to promote diversity, justice, resilience, and health, from the local to the global.

He is Chairman of the NRDC Action Fund. Epstein is a co-founder of five companies: Sybase, New Resource Bank, GetActive Software, Colorado Microdisplay and Britton-Lee. He is also a co-founder of Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a national community of professionals and business people working to influence state and national environmental policy. Under his leadership, E2 helped pass California’s major global warming bills – the “Clean Cars Bill” and the “Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006”.

His early career was focused on the commercialization of databases and networking. From 1976—1979, he was the manager of the INGRES project at UC Berkeley. From 1979—1984, Epstein was vice president of development and principal architect for Britton-Lee. In 1984 he was a leading architect and proponent for client/server computing with the creation of Sybase and the development of SQL Server.

Last updated on 10/10/2018