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GradFood (formerly SNAPP) is an interdisciplinary association of graduate students working across sectors to share their work and ideas regarding all things food and agriculture. GradFood brings UC Berkeley graduate students from diverse disciplines together to learn and teach about something that affects everyone: FOOD! Food is more than meets the eye, and we delve into issues that make food both an intellectually stimulating field and central to our daily lives. Our monthly dinners are a forum to discuss food and agriculture issues from a variety of perspectives, and topics include everything from health to agroecology to economic development (and beyond!). The group provides opportunities to meet students from other departments, collaborate on and present research, and network with the sustainable food systems community and the new Berkeley Food Institute. We emphasize education that can inform both public policy and grassroots food systems change. Join us at the table!

Request to join our email group at gradfood@googlegroups.com.

For more information, visit our facebook page or email gradfooducb@gmail.com

The Goldman School of Public Policy has partnered with an interdisciplinary group of other schools on campus to create a research institution called the Berkeley Food Institute. Check out their website, http://berkeleyfoodinstitute.org, for more information.