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GSPP Students’ Association (GSPPSA)


The GSPPSA was created to provide forums for GSPP students to discuss matters that impact the entire GSPP student body. While GSPP students pursue many different passions and interests, the one thing they all share is that they are students at GSPP. From time to time, issues arise that would benefit from student discussion, cooperation, and organization. When those issues arise, it is helpful to have a structure already in place to support such coordination. The GSPPSA exists to provide that structure.


Institutional memory. The GSPPSA works to preserve the history of student discussion and activity at GSPP, and - especially important in a two-year graduate program - pass that information along in useful form to the incoming classes.

All-student forums. The GSPPSA coordinates a monthly all-student meeting. Any student may propose discussion items for the agenda. 

Graduate Assembly integration. GSPP is a graduate professional program at the best public university in the world. But this is a time of severe stress for public education, posing special challenges for graduate students. The GSPPSA serves to promote communication between GSPP students and the Graduate Assembly.

Current service positions

GSPP GA Representatives: Lindsay Maple (delegate), Paulina Maqueda (delegate), Lindsay Rosenfeld (alternate)
MPP Class Representatives: Kurston Cook (2017), Lindsey Freeland (2018), Adam Orford (2017), EJ Toppin (2018)

Current committees


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