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Asian Region Policy Group (ARPG)


The Asian Region Policy Group was established in September 2016 to be a platform where students with an interest in policies relating to Asia can come together to share their experiences and have an effective dialogue on a range of policy issues critical to Asia such as economic development, technology, government transparency and regional collaboration. In addition to policy discussions, it is envisioned that the policy group would add value to the GSPP community by:

  1. Creating an avenue for an active and credible exchange for information as well as resources (both on-campus and off-campus) regarding opportunities for policy work in the Asian Region.
  2. Creating a platform which facilitates networking between current students and alumni working on Asian Policy, with the aim to inform community members of latest updates on most pressing policy issues as well as job opportunities. 
  3. Providing a greater understanding of the Asian culture through social activities, and creating a better cross-cultural exchange between international students from Asia and the wider GSPP community (particularly those with a policy interest in the Asian Region).


Ratna Sinroja 

Michael Lau