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Working Paper Series

Challenges Facing Social Housing Organizations in the US: Insights from the Boston and SF Regions


  • Rachel G. Bratt, Tufts University
  • Larry A. Rosenthal, Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley
  • Robert J. Wiener, UC Davis


  • Goldman School of Public Policy Working Paper (November 2016)


Nonprofit housing development organizations in the U.S. have played a central role in affordable housing provision for decades, but are now encountering a number of challenges, some of which are arising within the organizations, while others stem from changes in the context in which they carry out their work. Our work in this area constitutes the U.S component of a four‐country study of current and anticipated future challenges and opportunities confronting the nonprofit housing sector. Our previous work reported on the findings from a survey modified from one deployed in England, the Netherlands, and Australia. This chapter summarizes our findings from in‐depth interviews that we carried out with leaders from the 12 organizations in our study in two major metropolitan areas of the US: the Boston and San Francisco Regions.

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