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Wildavsky Forum

The Wildavksy Forum was established in 1995 to honor the memory of Aaron Wildavsky, the Goldman School's founding dean. The Wildavsky Forum Selection Committee invites a distinguished scholar to prepare a special lecture, on any aspect of public policy or the analysis of it, to present at UC Berkeley. In the year that follows the Forum, the lecture is revised and modestly expanded for publication as book in the UC Press Wildavsky Forum Series.

The Wildavsky Forum is directed by Professor Sean Farhang.

Past Speakers and Topics

Selected recordings are available in our webcast archive.

2018 Roland G. Fryer Jr., Harvard When Black Lives Matter: Racial Differences in Police Use of Force & What to do About It
2017 No Forum Took Place  
2016 Jennifer L. Eberhardt, Stanford Race and Policing in the 21st Century: A Social Psychological Perspective
2015 Paul Pierson, UC Berkeley Goodbye to Pluralism? Studying Power in Contemporary American Politics
2014 Suzanne Donovan, Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP) Institute
John Hird, University of MA, Amherst
Eric Patashnik, University of VA
The Effectiveness of Public Policy Analysis
2013 Theda Skocpol, Harvard The ObamaCare Challenge: Partisan Conflict and the Implementation of a Nationwide Reform in Fifty States
2012 Lawrence Summers, Harvard Economic Possibilities for Our Children
2011 David Cutler, Harvard The Coming Transformation of American Medicine
2010 Katherine Newman, Princeton Taxing the Poor—The Role of Consumption Taxes in Regional Poverty Regimes
2009 Rebecca Blank, University of MI;
The Brookings Institution
Changing Inequality: What Produces and Changes Levels of Inequality?
2008 Arie Kruglanski, University of MD Explaining the Inexplicable: Suicide Bombers’ Motivation as the Quest for Personal Significance
2007 Kathleen Sullivan, Stanford War, Crime, Terror, Law: The Post 9/11 Constitution
2006 John DiIulio, University of PA What Would Franklin Do? A Centrist Civic Primer on Religion, Politics and Community-Serving
2005 Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia Information and Political Processes
2004 Jonathan Bendor, Stanford Bounded Rationality: Theories and Policy Implications
2003 Kenneth Prewitt, Columbia Ethno-Racial Classification in Public Policy: Does
It have a Future?
2002 Jeffrey Sachs, Harvard The Millennium Development Goals: The Struggle
Against Poverty in the Global Economy
2001 Robert Frank, Cornell Does Growing Inequality Harm the Middle Class?
2000 Danny Kahneman, Princeton Competing Models of the Human Agent: Implications for Policy Making
1999 James Heckman, University of Chicago Policies to Foster Human Capital
1998 Laura Tyson, National Economic Council The Limits of Power: Globalization’s Constraints on Public Policy Choices
1997 Michael Barzelay, London School of Economics and Political Science The New Public Management
1996 William Julius Wilson, Harvard The Bridge Over the Racial Divide
1995 Mary Douglas, University College of London Missing Persons