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The Rise and Fall of The Ebro Water Transfer

Albiac, J., Michael Hanemann, Javier Calatrava, and Javier Uche. “The Rise and Fall of The Ebro Water Transfer,” Forthcoming, Natural Resources Journal.


This article analyzes the Ebro inter-basin transfer, which was the main project of the Spanish
National Hydrological Plan. The Ebro transfer was prompted by pervasive pressures, scarcity and
degradation of Southeastern basins in Spain. The heated policy debate on the Ebro transfer, highlights the
difficulties of achieving a sustainable water management, because of the conflicting interests of stakeholders
and regions. Alternatives to the Ebro transfer show that, acceptable outcomes combine demand and supply
measures. Nevertheless, implementation could be difficult and requires compensation to farmers, otherwise
an excessive burden on farmers would be met by social opposition leading to the failure of measures.

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