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Selected Publications

Should California Include Motor Vehicle Fuel Emissions in a Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Program?

Friedman, Lee. The Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 12, No. 3, June 2010, pp. 215-248.


California  should include vehicle fuels as part  of a greenhouse gas reduction cap-and-trade   program.  Numerous  political,  administrative  and  economic  reasons  that  suggest otherwise are considered. They include compliance and enforcement concerns, other regulatory programs  for  transportation, belief that  gains  from  inclusion would be  small,  jurisdictional linkage  issues,  and  both  political  skepticism  and  agency  inexperience  with  market-based regulation.  However, consideration  of most of these strongly  favors inclusion. Inclusion also creates an important competition between the electricity sector and other vehicle fuels to shrink
emissions over time as they vie to see which can most successfully replace ordinary gasoline and diesel.