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Selected Publications

Professional Psychology in a New Era: Practice-Based Evidence from California

Pingitore, D.P., R.M. Scheffler, M. Haley, and T. Sentell. “Professional Psychology in a New Era: Practice-Based Evidence from California.” Professional Psychology: Research and Practice 32.6 (Aug. 2001): 585-596.


The California Survey of Psychological Practice provides comprehensive data on patient case mix, treatments, practice settings, and payment sources using a representative sample of psychologists. These psychologists practice in diverse settings and continue to deliver traditional psychotherapies. California psychologists' treatment of persons with private insurance highlights the profession's public health contribution by improving the functioning of employed persons and their families. Despite high managed care enrollment among Californians, these psychologists demonstrate wide variability in managed care participation. The authors compare the findings to prior surveys among psychologists and discuss the findings in relation to trends in psychological practice and public policy.