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Defining Democracy in the Neoliberal Age: Charter School Reform and Educational Consumption

Amy Stuart Wells, Julie Slayton, and Janelle Scott. American Educational Research Journal. Summer 2002. Vol. 39, No. 2, pp. 337-361.


In this article Wells, Slayton, and Scott draw on data from their charter school research to question the extent to which “democratic” and “market-based” schools are dichotomous. They argue that in the current political and economic climate, free-market and deregulatory educational reforms such as charter school laws are perceived to be highly “democratic” by their neoliberal advocates and by many of the suburban school board members and superintendents in their case studies. Thus the authors call on progressive supporters of charter schools and public schools to couch their arguments for democratic schooling in a call for social justice and equity as opposed to greater “liberty”

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