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Context Dependence and Aggregation in Disaggregate Choice Analysis

Swait, J.,  et al.  2002.  “Context Dependence and Aggregattion in Disaggreate Choice Analysis,” Marketing Letters 13(3): 195-205.


There is an emerging consensus among disciplines dealing with human decision making that the context in which
a decision is made is an important determinant of outcomes. This consensus has been slow in the making because
much of what is known about context effects has evolved from a desire to demonstrate the untenability of certain
common assumptions upon which tractable models of behavior have generally been built. This paper seeks
to bring disparate disciplinary perspectives to bear on the relation between context and choice, to formulate
(1) recommendations for improvements to the state-of-the-practice of Random Utility Models (RUMs) of choice
behavior, and (2) a future research agenda to guide the further incorporation of context into these models of
choice behavior.

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