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Meet Our Students

We want people who
want to change the world.

The Goldman School trains policy leaders to tackle society’s most pressing problems with evidence-driven solutions that work. This is not easy; nor is it for the short-sighted or easily discouraged.

The world has many problems. It needs women and men from all backgrounds who will take up the challenge of solving them.

Will you join us?

We want people who<br/>want to change the world.

Adam Orford (MPP/MA-ERG ’18)

Adam returned to graduate school after a career as an attorney specializing in environmental, energy, and natural resources litigation. In addition to his studies, he spent the last year working at the California Public Utilities Commission, focusing on electric vehicle-grid integration, alternative fueled vehicles policy, and energy research program management. 

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Adam  Orford

Jessie Knapstein (MPP/MS-ERG ’17)

Project Consultant, Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI)

Prior to Goldman, Jessie first served as an intern for a Democratic congressman where she tracked energy and environmental legislation, and later as an energy analyst for the Department of Energy's (DOE) Building Technologies Office in DC. In addition to pursuing a dual MPP/MS-ERG degree, Jessie is curently a project consultant for Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI) and VP of Events and Programs for the Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative (BERC).

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Jessie Knapstein

David Gutierrez (MPP ’15) (MA-IAS ’16)

David Gutierrez is a recipient of the Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship, a fellowship intended to prepare graduate students for careers with the US Foreign Service. Prior to Goldman, David worked in international affairs with the Carter Center's America Program, as well as in the Regional Migration Study Group with the Migration Policy Institute (MPI).

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David Gutierrez

Jeanette Ling (MPP ’16)

Jeanette previously worked as a Research Associate in the Antitrust & Competition Practice at Charles River Associates (CRA), where she saw the value of research and data analysis when economics and law intersect to enforce policy. This summer, Jeanette will be interning at the Legislative Analyst Office in Sacramento, helping to provide policy recommendations to the California State Legislature.

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Jeanette Ling

Prospective Students