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Choosing the Right Degree for You

Masters' Programs Comparison Chart

  Master of Public Policy (MPP) Master of Public Affairs (MPA) MPP Concurrent Degree Programs*
Program Emphasis

Rigorous quantitative, analytical and leadership skills. Prepares the next generation of leaders to analyze and solve the most complex and challenging public policy problems.

The MPP is ranked as the #1 public policy analysis program in the nation by US News & World Report.

Innovation and leadership skills. Prepares mid-career professionals to act as strategic and visionary leaders and to advance their careers.The Master in Public Policy may be earned in combination with an advanced degree from a choice of six (6) different UC Berkeley schools/programs under a coordinated program, which include Public Health, Law, Engineering, International and Area Studies, Energy and Resources, and Social Welfare.  Applicants must be accepted to both programs to pursue a concurrent degree.
Program StartAugustLate MayAugust
Length2 years (4 semesters)1 year (3 terms, inclusive of summer)

2 - 4 years

Time CommitmentFull-time

Summer: Full-time

Fall & Spring: Part- or Full-time options


LocationOn campus

Summer: On campus

Fall & Spring: On campus or Online

On campus
Core Classes9 courses (41 units) 8 courses (17 units)

9 courses (41 units)

Electives≥ 5 classes≥ 6 unitsVaries by program
Client-Based Projects (Capstone)

Year 1: Introduction to Policy Analysis – Team Project

Year 2: Advanced Policy Analysis – Individual Project (9 units)

Spring Term: Capstone Course (4 units)

Year 1 of MPP Coursework: Introduction to Policy Analysis – Team Project (4 units)

Year 2 of MPP Coursework: Advanced Policy Analysis – Individual Project (9 units)

Internship RequirementYes, 10 weeks over summerNoneYes, 10 weeks over one summer
Career Services

- Assigned career advisor
- Full-service access to recruiting events, advising & online resources

- Assigned career coach
- Full-service access to recruiting events & online resources

- Assigned career coach
- Full-service access to recruiting events,advising & online resources


CA Residents: $28,093.50*+

Non-Residents: $40,918.50*+

$58,729**Varies by program
Financial SupportAcademic Student Employment, Fellowships and LoansAcademic Student Employment, Corporate Sponsorship, Limited Fellowships and LoansAcademic Student Employment, Fellowships and Loans
When to ApplyDecember 1

Round 1: December 1

Round 2: February 1

Rolling Admissions: until April 3 for remaining space (not open to international applicants)

One deadline and varies by program

* Students in the concurrent degree programs will have additional requirements from their other department. 
**Does not include housing, transportation, living expenses, books and supplies, or health insurance. All students are required to have health insurance and will be automatically enrolled in UC Berkeley’s Student Health Insurance unless you opt out. All fees subject to change.  
*+ This includes only full tuition and fees per year and does not include housing transportation, living expenses, and books and supplies.

Class Profile Comparison Chart

  MPP (Class Entering 2017) MPA (Class Entering 2016) MPP Concurrent Degree Programs
Ideal Applicants

- Have at least 3 or more years of work experience from the public, private or non-profit sectors

- Dynamic and driven, representing diverse perspectives, backgrounds and life experiences

- Interest in developing the tools and skills necessary to change our world for the better

- Possess leadership or managerial experience from the public, non-profit or private sector

- Demonstrated potential for a career in senior management

- Have personal attributes and life experience suggesting leadership, maturity, ethical character, teamwork and goal orientation

Concurrent degree candidates are required to meet the requirements of each separate department / program as admissions decision are made independently.
Class Size9625Varies by program
Average Years of Professional Experience4 years

11 years
Range: 5 - 18

Varies by program
Where Students Come From

California: 45%
Out-of-state: 35%
International: 20%

Domestic: 52%
International: 48%

Varies by Program