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Why Choose GSPP?

A Goldman School education embodies, first and foremost, a commitment to the public good. This commitment extends from the classroom to the GSPP living room and into the world; it is the value which undergirds the rigorous curriculum, the emphasis on applying public policy in real-world contexts and the collegiality that characterizes the GSPP community.

The heart of the school are the Masters programs that equip students for careers in public leadership, including government, politics, the nonprofit and private sectors. Core courses provide a foundation in subjects ranging from political decision making and legal analysis to microeconomic theory and statistical modeling. The curriculum also includes electives, taken at GSPP or on the UC Berkeley campus, that allow students to focus on a particular policy area or set of policy tools.

GSPP is a close-knit community. Students benefit from access to top faculty, researchers on the leading edge of public policy’s intersection with the most critical issues of our day: climate change and energy, education, poverty, the political process. Goldman School students come from an impressive and diverse array of life and work experiences and are enriched by the opportunities to work and learn together. Individualized help is available from an experienced and dedicated student, alumni and career services team who offer academic counseling, career coaching and networking opportunities.

The Goldman School community extends beyond the years spent on campus to an robust alumni network. Friends made at GSPP often last a lifetime, not only because of the hours logged studying together or working on policy projects, but because of the shared value for public service. Students come to the Goldman School wanting to make the world a better place. They leave knowing how to do it.