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Undergraduate Minor

All UCB undergraduate students are eligible for enrollment in the Public Policy minor. Please complete the Minor Enrollment Form  as early in your academic career as possible.  You may declare the public policy minor even before enrolling in public policy courses.

Please note: Early declaration of the minor does not obligate you to the program should it become unfeasible later in your academic pursuits.


Outlined below are the requirements for the minor and a listing of courses, with their current numbers, that may be taken as part of this program.

  • The minor requires five courses in public policy
    • including PP101 (required for the minor, but is not a prerequisite for other PP courses)
    • with a grade of C- or higher in each
    • for three or more units each,
    • not including PP1, 6, or 24.
  • No more than two non-public policy department courses from course list below may count for the minor. Minor credit for courses not listed may be granted in exceptional circumstances to graduating seniors through petition (available from Jalilah LaBrie) to the Chair of the Minor.
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade except PP 199 (Independent Study), and PP 98/198 (DeCal), both which are offered on a P/NP basis. Upon approval from the Chair of the Minor, students should consult with the GSPP Undergraduate Minor Advisor, Jalilah LaBrie, (510) 642-1940, jalilah@berkeley.edu before making arrangements to take this course.
  • Students may count graduate level Public Policy electives to complete their minor requirements. Generally, undergraduates require an instructor consent form to enroll in graduate electives.
  • Students may count an unlimited number of PP 190 courses (Special Topics in Public Policy) towards the minor provided that the topic is not repeated.  Each PP 190 course must be a minimum of 3 units.
  • A limit of two, 2-unit PP 98/198 (DeCal) courses (or any combination of two, 2-unit public policy courses) may count as one course towards the minor; only one of these can be PP 98.
  • Students may notify the Student Affairs Officer, Jalilah LaBrie, at the Goldman School of Public Policy, of their intent to minor in Public Policy by submitting the Declaration of Intent to Pursue the Minor in Public Policy form.  When the student completes the requirements, the Office of the Registrar will be notified and the Minor will be included on the student's transcript.
  • The Chair of the Minor is currently Professor Steven Raphael, stevenraphael@berkeley.edu, whose office hours are posted here.
Courses that may be used to fulfill Minor Program Requirements
  • 101. Introduction to Public Policy Analysis
  • C103. Wealth and Poverty or C103. Wealth and Poverty (also listed as Letters & Science C180U)
  • 117AC. Race, Ethnicity, and Public Policy
  • C142. Applied Econometrics and Public Policy (also listed as Economics C142 and Poli Sci C131A)
  • 156. Program and Policy Design
  • 157. Arts and Cultural Policy (also listed as Letters and Science C180X)
  • C164. Impact of Government Policies on Poor Children and Families (also listed as Demography C164)
  • 179. Public Budgeting
  • 182. Environment and Technology from the Policy and Business Perspective
  • 184. The Economics of Public Problem-Solving
  • C184. Energy and Society (also listed as Energy & Resources Group C100)
  • C189. Social Science & Crime Prevention Policy (also listed as Social Welfare C181)
  • 190. Special Topics in Public Policy (topics vary each semester)
  • Poli Sci 150.  American Legal System (same as PP 190:  Law and Public Policy and Legal Studies 138)
  • Polic Sci 164A.  Political Psychology and Involvement (same as PP 190:  Poltical Psychology and Public Policy)
  • 199. Supervised Independent Study and Research
Non-Public Policy Courses that count towards the Public Policy Minor
  • Economics 131:  Economic Problems
  • Mediast 104A. The First Amendment & the Press
  • Poli Sci. 109.  Special Topics in American Politics
  • (topics vary, see the department website and OSOC for latest listings)
  • Poli Sci 145A.  South Asian Politics
  • Poli Sci 181:  Public Organizations and Administration
  • Poli Sci 186:  Public Problems
  • PH 126.  Health Economics and Public Policy
  • Public Health 150D.  Introduction to Health Policy and Management
  • Public Health 181. Population and Poverty 
  • Social Welfare 112.  U.S. Social Welfare Policy

Completing the Minor

All public policy minor students must complete a Completion of Public Policy Minor form the semester they are scheduled to graduate in order to receive credit for the Minor.  The Minor will not be listed on your diploma. Students who complete the requirements for the Public Policy Minor will receive a certificate of completion in the U.S. mail.  Within six weeks after receiving the certificate, a notation will appear at the bottom of your transcript that will state “MINOR PROGRAM IN PUBLIC POLICY COMPLETED” with the semester and year.