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Rachel Pizatella-Haswell (MPP Candidate ’18)

Rachel is pursuing her graduate degree after having worked for 5 years on programs and policies that protect ethno-religious minorities. After supporting anti-Islamaphobia campaigns in the United States, Rachel moved to Myanmar to contribute to efforts to advocate on behalf of Rohingya Muslims, an ethnic group who have endured persecution and disenfranchisement by the Buddhist majority population and Myanmar government. Her work primarily focused on citizenship policy, peacebuilding, and women’s empowerment. Within this scope, she advised several local NGOs and civil society leaders on their program design and evaluation, advocacy strategies and fundraising initiatives.

At GSPP, Rachel is developing her analytical abilities while expanding on her interests in the intersection of human rights and economic development. She is engaging in coursework on economics, econometrics, program evaluation and economic development. She has completed projects for the Center for Effective Global Action’s financial inclusion program and research on scaling development technology for the Blum Center for Emerging Economies. Over the summer, she conducted human centered design research in Kenya and India on how young men make financial and health decisions.

Rachel earned her undergraduate degree from Duke University where she majored in Religion and Political Science.

Last updated on 11/02/2017

Rachel  Pizatella-Haswell