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Lisa Quan (MPP Candidate ’18)

Lisa previously worked at the Stanford Criminal Justice Center (SCJC), a policy and research institute housed at Stanford Law School, to conduct impact and implementation analyses of California’s 2011 Public Safety Realignment Act (AB 109). Her research at the SCJC, which involved interviews and surveys of criminal justice officials around the state and data coordination with state and county agencies, culminated in two coauthored reports and a presentation of findings to Governor Jerry Brown and his staff.

Lisa’s experience at the SCJC brought her to the survey research division at Mathematica Policy Research (MPR), a nonpartisan research organization, where she worked on national, longitudinal evaluations of programs focused on improving health, education, and career opportunities for families, at-risk youth, and former offenders. She was immersed in end-to-end policy research, which involved survey testing and management, multi-mode data collection, data cleaning and analyses, and written deliverables to clients. At MPR, Lisa gained an in-depth understanding and appreciation of how rigorous, objective research and data collection methods can more effectively inform decision-making in public policy.

Lisa is interested in further cultivating academic-public-private partnerships around robust data collection strategies and evidence-based research in hopes of identifying innovative, data-driven approaches to address our most pressing social and urban policy issues. She has worked as a Graduate Student Researcher for Professor Steven Raphael and is now conducting research with Professors Amy Lerman and Elizabeth Linos. She is also involved with the Criminal Justice Policy Group, Students of Color in Public Policy, and Technology Applications in Public Policy. This past summer, Lisa continued her policy research work with Professor Raphael at the California Policy Lab to provide policy recommendations regarding various criminal justice policy issues.

Lisa graduated from Stanford University in 2012, with a BA in American Studies.

Lisa Quan