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John Romankiewicz (MPP/MS-ERG ’16)

John worked on US-China clean energy and climate change policy for seven years with a number of government, research, and consulting organizations. After completing his undergraduate degree, John moved to Beijing and spent a year learning Mandarin. He received a Fulbright research grant to study renewable energy policy development, during which he created the bilingual video podcast: China's Green Beat. He went on to serve as an analyst for clean energy and carbon markets for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, working with a wide variety of manufacturing, project development, and investment clients.

After more than three years in China, John returned to the US to work for the US Department of State's Office of Global Change on US-China climate change negotiations and cooperation programs. He helped revive EcoPartnerships, an innovative framework to create sub-national cooperation on energy and environmental solutions between the US and China. John moved to Berkeley and worked on energy efficiency policy, microgrids, and the esteemed China Energy Databook at the China Energy Group within Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

John is now a dual student in the Goldman School of Public Policy and the Energy and Resources Group (ERG). At Goldman, he is focusing on building a better background in microeconomics and policy analysis to serve his research and professional interests in the area of microgrids and other demand-side solutions to grid integration of renewable energy. While a student at the Goldman School, he consulted for Pacific Gas & Electric's demand response policy and planning group. As co-president of the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative, John works to increase interdisciplinary collaboration across the UC Berkeley campus in solving energy and environmental challenges. He is a Big Ideas grant recipient for The Food Bikery, which seeks to provide food bikes as a low-capital, low-footprint alternative to food trucks. You can find him on Twitter at @SustainableJohn.

John graduated from the Northwestern University in 2006 with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering.

Last updated on 10/16/2017

John Romankiewicz