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Heidi Kim (MPP Candidate ’18)

Heidi has served in the US Army, and was deployed to Iraq and East Africa. There, she witnessed the suffering of ordinary people due to a general lack of government assistance. After Heidi returned from her three deployments, she decided to educate herself further so that she could help make governments, whether domestic or foreign, more effective and efficient.

At the Goldman School of Public Policy, she is grateful to have met so many brilliant students and faculty members who are passionate about developing and analyzing policy to solve social problems and improve government performance. With her military background and academic training at the Goldman School of Public Policy, Heidi looks forward to becoming a positive force in empowering people with the least access to prosperity and privilege.

Heidi graduated from UC Berkeley in 2015 with a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Last updated on 11/02/2017

Heidi  Kim