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Anna Duning (MPP Candidate ’18)

Before pursuing an MPP, Anna worked in the technology policy field. She started as a legal and policy analyst at Google, where she helped manage Google's copyright and privacy operations. Among other projects, she led an international team that responded to the European Union's “Right To Be Forgotten” law on Google Search and helped develop online safety policies for other Google products.

Anna later joined Engine, a San Francisco-based technology policy organization. At Engine, Anna coordinated political advocacy and policy research efforts on issues including capital access for entrepreneurs, immigration reform, tech industry diversity, and net neutrality. She also led city-based strategies to support entrepreneurship, tech innovation, and economic development outside Silicon Valley, traveling to over 15 U.S. cities to meet with local entrepreneurs.

An interest in the relationship between the Bay Area's tech sector and growing income inequality in the region led Anna to pursue an MPP at the Goldman School. At GSPP, she's focusing on economic development as well as housing and urban policy. The summer between her first and second year at GSPP, she interned in the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Public Policy and Finance.

Anna is originally from the DC area and graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in Political and Social Thought.

Last updated on 11/02/2017

Anna  Duning