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Two Pieces of Advice for Prospective GSPP Students

Jess Box, MPP '15

Jess Box is a first-year Master of Public Policy student at the Goldman School of Public Policy.

I am writing this blog post on a Thursday afternoon, from 30,000 feet, between Florida and Berkeley. Yes, I had a Quant problem set due yesterday; yes, I have an Econ problem set due tomorrow; yes, I have an Econ midterm on Monday; and yes, I chose to spend the last four days working across the country from GSPP. Spending a week leading a team to collect district-wide instructional data and make recommendations on implementation of a major education initiative provided one of the greatest learning experiences of my graduate school career. In addition to being a fantastic professional opportunity, leading this project has pushed me to reflect on my post-Goldman career and my future goals.

There are only so many hours in a week, so that learning came at the expense of programming Stata to build a different multivariate regression model, four class lectures, a review session, and several visiting lecturers on campus. Considering that trade-off highlighted two pieces of advice I have for prospective Goldman more