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The Goldman School Goes to DC

A Glimpse of Our Annual Networking Event

Every fall, Goldman School students are given the opportunity to meet and network with prospective employers and Goldman School alumni in and around our nation's capital. Students are funded to travel to attend site visits, an alumni panel, and a networking reception. Some highlights from the 2-day program include:

Site Visits with DC Prospective Employers

Site visits are group informational meetings for students hosted at the specific employer’s offices in Washington, DC.  These sessions include presentations by key public policy professionals in the organization working on areas of interest to students, including information from human resources staff regarding employment and internship opportunities and application procedures. Past site visits: US Department of the Treasury • Center for Clean Air Policy • Congressional Budget Office • Office of Management & Budget • Center for Budget & Policy Priorities • Urban Institute • The World Bank • Department of Health & Human Services

Expert Panels

in addition to site visits, convening an expert panel focused on a specific issue area of great interest to our students gives students exposure to different employment opportunities in the area. Past expert panels: International Development • Energy & Environment Policy

Networking Reception

Prospective employers and GSPP alumni in the Washington, DC Area are invited to network with students who are prospective candidates for future internship and employment opportunities. 

Conducting Informational Interviews

Students are encouraged to maximize their networking opportunities by scheduling informational or job interviews while they are visiting the Washington, DC area.