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FAQ in the GSPP inbox

Are we required to write two or three statements?

Two: The Policy Statement of Purpose and the Personal History Statement. The section in the application titled Statement of Purpose is a standard field on all UCB graduate applications that we're unable to edit, so we include the Policy Statement of Purpose field to include GSPP specific instructions. For GSPP, we ask that you upload the same essay for the Statement of Purpose and Policy Statement of Purpose fields.​

Is there a page length requirement for the Personal History Statement?

There is no page length requirement for the Personal History Statement. However, this essay is generally 1-2 pages, double-spaced.

Is there a Master in Public Policy/Master of City Planning concurrent degree program?

GSPP does not have an approved concurrent degree program with the City Planning department.  If you want to obtain the MPP, you could apply and if you are admitted, then you could complete the second degree, however, you would not save any time.  You could alternate years between courses for the MPP and courses for the MCP.

• I'm taking the GRE after November 20th. Will GSPP receive my scores?

In order for your scores to arrive by the application deadline, the Goldman School recommends that you take the GRE no later than November 20, however you may take the exam as late as the first week of December 2013. If the exam is taken after this date, we can not guarantee that your application will be considered for admission. The specific deadline for the Fall 2014 admissions cycle is December 5, 2013. Other pieces of your application (i.e. transcripts, letters of recommendation - including electronic letters of recommendation, GRE scores etc) may arrive up to 14 days after the application deadline.