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PolicyMatters Journal

A Student-Run Journal of the Goldman School of Public Policy

GSPP is unique in that students and faculty understand the necessary relationship between rigorous scholarly work and translating policy to practice. A great example of this is the student-run PolicyMatters Journal. Covering topics from Food Stamp Enrollment to Pension Reform to Fossil Fuels, PMJ describes itself as “ a conduit for the insights of Goldman students on pertinent policy topics.” 

Each semester, PMJ publishes a journal online and in print that contains between seven and ten articles, typically authored by graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley. PMJ also maintains a blog, PMJ Wire, which serves as a voice for GSPP students to share their policy expertise and opinions with a wide audience.

PMJ currently has a staff of thirty editors, who are all GSPP students. These individuals complete all of the work related to producing the journal, including editing, design, and distribution. PMJ is also led by a small group of about seven students who serve as the executive board. These students have the opportunity to lead the development and vision of the journal.

PMJ provides a unique platform for UC Berkeley graduate students to publish their research and learn about the editing and publishing process, particularly for writing related to public policy analysis.