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FAQ in the GSPP inbox

“Berkeley does not offer a dual MPP/MBA, so prospective students must choose to apply to one of the two degrees. If I apply to Goldman instead of Haas, would it be relatively easy to enroll in business classes at Haas? Or are classes at Haas largely reserved for MBA students? Conversely, if I apply to Haas, how easy is it to enroll in classes at Goldman?”

While we do not offer a concurrent degree with the Haas School of Business, students may take electives there. What's great about the electives is that they can be taken anywhere campus. The University course catalogue is open to you, which means you can take classes at Berkeley Law, Haas School of Business, College of Engineering, Social Welfare, School of Public Health, College of Natural Resources, School of Education, School of Journalism, School of Information, and more.

To get a snapshot of what classes are available to non-MBA students, the best route is to contact the Haas School of Business directly.

The MPP Core (210A+B, 260A+B, 200, 205, 299) is restricted to MPP students. Non-MPP students may enroll in other elective MPP courses, with some exceptions. If you have questions about specific MPP courses, please contact Isaac Castro, PPIA Program Manager and Student Services Advisor, at icastro@berkeley.edu.