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Am I Eligible to Apply?

“I haven't taken an econ or calculus class and my GPA is a B average, but I have done a couple of internships and have international experience. Can I still apply to the MPP program?”

  • GSPP does not require prior quantitative training, however prior course work in introductory statistics, first-year calculus, and introductory economics is strongly recommended. If you haven't taken these classes, it won't immediately disqualify you. With that said, the more evidence (through coursework, the GRE, etc.) you can show of your ability to handle quantitatively rigorous material, the more competitive you will be.
  • The University requires at least a 3.0. For our class entering Fall 2014, the average GPA was 3.65 with a range of 2.95 - 4.16. Very rarely, the Admissions Committee recommends for admission an applicant with a GPA below 3.0. These exceptions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are at the sole discretion of the Admissions Committee.
  • Just like with quantitative coursework, the higher your GPA and the more policy relevant work experience you have, the more competitive you will be. We have a holistic admissions process, so we take every element of your application into account when making admissions recommendations.

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