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Establishing California Residency

If your are not a California resident, you can establish residency by the second year of the program if you follow the appropriate guidelines. Becoming a California resident will save you approximately $13,000 in out-of-state fees! The following resources provide more information about establishing California residency:

  • At the Office of the Registrar, you can find information about:
    • How residency is determined
    • How to Complete the Statement of Legal Residence/Applying for Residency
    • How to establish Residency for Tuition Purposes
    • 10 Things Graduates Need to Know about California Residence for Purposes of Tuition and Fees
    • How to fulfill Physical Presence and Intent
    • How to fulfill Financial Independence
    • Residency Calendar/Deadlines
    • Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Exemptions/Waivers
    • How to maintain California Residency during a Temporary Absence
    • What if I am not a US Citizen or Permanent Resident
    • Inquiries and Appeals
    • Legal Residence Information
    • FAQs
    • Contact Residence