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Basic Admissions Requirements

Required Transcripts

Please note, Graduate Admissions requires applicants to upload unofficial transcripts or academic records (name of school must appear on transcript) for the initial review of their application. For those that accept the offer of admission, they will be required to provide official transcripts or academic records. Please refrain from sending official, sealed hard copies of your transcripts until you receive an offer of admission from the Graduate Division.

Read on for information about:

  • Study abroad transcripts
  • Transcripts from past UC Berkeley students
  • PPIA transcripts
  • Transcripts required of international applicants


  • Study Abroad:
    • If your bachelor’s degree awarding school grants credit toward its bachelor’s degree for courses taken through a study abroad program or at another school, and its transcript lists the individual courses transferred with a unit value with corresponding grades, the original transcript from the school where the courses were taken is not required. 
    • If your bachelor’s degree awarding school grants credit toward its bachelor’s degree for courses taken during a study abroad program or completed at another school but…
      • its transcript does not list the units for individual courses with the corresponding grades or lists a total unit value with an aggregate grade of “Pass”, or
      • those courses were taken after the first two years

...then ​Graduate Admissions will require that the unofficial transcript uploaded to the application show courses and grades issued by the school where the courses were taken. 

  • If you have attended Berkeley, upload your unofficial transcript with the application for the departmental initial review. An official transcript with evidence of degree conferral will not be required if admitted.
  • PPIA Fellows must submit a copy of their program evaluation/transcript.
  • International Applicants:
    • Upload unofficial transcripts with the application for the departmental initial review. If admitted, official transcripts or academic records for all university-level studies you have completed at U.S. institutions and abroad will be required. If your academic records do not include official evidence of the award of your degree, you must also submit additional documents that verify the degree conferral. 
    • Academic records should be issued in the original language and accompanied by English translations if required (usually prepared by your university or government agency, unless the institution issues original documents in English). English translations are required for all languages except Spanish; degree names and grades should be transliterated, not converted into English words or the U.S. grades of A-F. Upon admission, records or transcripts must be issued by the school and include the school’s stamp or embossed seal and the signature of the authorizing official. 

Read more about transcript requirements at the Graduate Division.