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Our application system can only accept PDF documents. PDF documents including transcripts cannot be encrypted or password protected

If your transcript or other PDF documents is encrypted or password protected, see instructions below.

Encrypted or password protected PDFs of any kind cause work flow problems. For this reason, we do not accept these kinds of documents.
Note: Transcripts are often password protected. 

If you have an encrypted or password protected document we recommend the following:

  1. Print the document.
  2. Scan the document.
  3. Save the result of the scan as an unprotected PDF.
  4. Submit the unprotected PDF.

Converting Word documents to PDF

For PC:

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button (round icon on the very top left of the screen), point to the arrow next to Save As, and then click PDF or XPS.
  2. In the File Name list, type or select a name for the document.
  3. In the Save As Type list, click PDF.
  4. If you want to open the file immediately after saving it, select the Open file after publishing check box. This check box is available only if you have a PDF reader installed on your computer.
  5. Click Options to set the page range to be printed (make sure the All option is selected.) Click OK.
  6. Click Publish.

For Macintosh:
OS X 10.4 or later: To create a PDF file in an application:

  1. Choose File -> Print.
  2. Click on the PDF button in the bottom left of the Print Screen.
  3. Select the option Save as PDF.
  4. Specify a filename and location, and then click Save.

OS X 10.3 or earlier: To create a PDF file by using the PDF creation feature in Mac OS X:

  1. Open the document you want to convert to PDF in the native Mac OS X application.
  2. Choose File -> Print, and continue as follows:
  3. Choose Save As PDF (Mac OS X v10.2.x), or click Preview and do one of the following (Mac OS X v10.1.x):
    1. If Acrobat opens the preview, choose File -> Save As, and then choose Adobe PDF Files from the Format pop-up menu.
    2. If Preview opens the preview, choose File -> Save As PDF.
  4. Specify a filename and location, and then click Save.

Other File Formats

The site FreePDFConvert.com provides free conversion to the PDF file format from many file formats.