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Happy New Year From GSPP!

Harlem Shake - Goldman School Edition

Even with finals, Goldman Students made time for fun.

Winter Break

Admissions Team Availability

The Admissions Team will be checking e-mail intermittently between Monday, December 22, 2014 - Friday, January 2, 2015, and there will be a delay in response times. We will be back in the office on Monday, January 5, 2015. We appreciate your patience during this busy time, and wish you a wonderful holiday season!

MPP & PhD Application Deadline


The deadline for the MPP and PhD application is TODAY, Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 11:59PM PST.

FAQ in the GSPP inbox

Multiple GRE Scores

“How does the Admissions Committee handle multiple GRE test scores? Are the highest taken from each test date? Are the scores averaged? Or, does the Committee look for improvement from one test date to the next?”

Any GRE scores sent to Berkeley will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee will note any improvement from one test to another. Alternatively, if there is a significant decline in your scores, that will also be observed. Scores are not averaged, and we will consider higher section scores that come from two different test dates.

FAQ in the GSPP inbox

International Applicants: IELTS Documents

“I am applying to the MPP program for Fall 2015. I recently received my IELTS results but I am not sure how should I send the official report. Is it possible to send the results electronically or is it necessary to send a hard copy to your office before December 2?”

Unlike TOEFL scores, IELTS scores are not received electronically. Applicants who take the IELTS must submit the original Test Report Form to:

MPP Admissions

Richard & Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy

University of California, Berkeley

2607 Hearst Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94720-7320

Student Profile

Becky Xilu Li, MPP '15

Name:  Becky Xilu Li

Year:  Second

Policy Area of Concentration:  Energy and environmental policy

GSPP Graduation Year: 2015

Undergraduate School:  Renmin University of China, Beijing

Personal History: Bachelor of art, economics; Master of art, economics 

What attracted you to GSPP? Quantitative focus, Friendly and diverse community of UC Berkeley

How did you prepare for the GSPP application and admissions process? I basically spent the entire three months in the fall semester in my school year on the application. 

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Basic Admissions Requirements

PPIA Participants

Applicants who participated in the PPIA program must submit a copy of their PPIA transcript with their MPP application.

Student Profile

Jin Noh, MPP '15

Name: Jin Noh

Year: Second

Policy Area of Concentration: Energy & Innovation Policy

GSPP Graduation Year: 2015

Undergraduate School: Duke University

Personal History: Nearly 4 years at SRI International (science & tech policy consulting) and 1 year at World Vision (international development nonprofit)

What attracted you to GSPP? I was attracted to GSPP for its quantitative rigor, tight alumni network, and prestigious faculty with research interests aligned with my career interests. It also helps that GSPP is located in beautiful Berkeley.

What did you enjoy most during your time at GSPP? I most enjoyed all the group study sessions and group project work. It revealed to me how proud I am to be part of such a passionate and intelligent community of friends and future policy leaders.

What was your professional background before GSPP and what do you look to do with your degree upon graduation? My professional background before GSPP was in economic and policy consulting, where I used some quantitative skills, but not as much as I would have liked. To advance in my career path, I hope I can use the quantitative/economic skills and analytical frameworks I learned at GSPP.

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FAQ in the GSPP inbox

GRE Deadline

“Is it compulsory to take the GRE before Nov 10,2014 in order to apply for MPP @ GSPP? I have currently registered for the GRE for November 24,2014. Please clarify.”

While it's not compulsory to take the GRE before November 10, 2014, we highly recommend it. Why? ETS reports, “about 10–15 days after your test date, your official scores will be available in your My GRE Account, and your scores will be sent to the score recipients you designate.” For this particular applicant, the official GRE score would arrive between December 4 - December 9, counting weekend days as business days. The application deadline for all materials is December 2, 2014. No exceptions. For your own peace of mind, we recommend taking the GRE on a date that will allow ETS to deliver your official score by the application deadline.

Final Idealist Grad Fair

San Francisco

The Goldman School of Public Policy is gearing up for the final Idealist Grad Fair in San Francisco. This is an opportunity to speak with GSPP Admissions and alumni to learn about admissions requirements, the MPP curriculum, and life at GSPP.       


Thursday, November 6, 2014 • 5:00pm–8:00pm 
San Francisco County Fair Building
Golden Gate Park
9th Avenue and Lincoln Way
San Francisco, CA 94122