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Nicole Lindler (MPA ’18)

Nicole Lindler

Prior Degree Received:
B.A., University of Southern California

Most recent position:
Asset Manager, Community Housing Partnership

Learn New Skills
“I am an Asset Manager at one of the Bay Area’s largest supportive housing non-profits. I work to keep over 1,200 formerly homeless residents housed and to promote their journeys to self-sufficiency. After spending my career carrying out technical functions within the housing industry, I knew I was ready to develop my qualitative and quantitative skills in policy in order to have a deeper impact in the industry. The Berkeley Master of Public Affairs offers the depth and breadth that I was looking for in my pursuit to become a future housing policy leader and the ability to the explore the diverse layers of socio-economic structures at play.”

Goldman School Challenges The Status Quo
“The coursework I’m taking is equipping me with the skills to be able to analyze any number of pressing public issues which I may encounter in my housing work moving forward. As the top policy analysis school in the nation, Goldman School classes teach us to challenge the status quo by using a policy framework that encourages dynamic leadership and critical thinking under a diverse lens. 

Equipped with the tools gained from the Goldman School, I will leave with a renewed understanding of key economic policy areas and innovative solutions driven by data. I am glad to be part of a program that challenges its students to ask tough questions and to thoughtfully approach public policy issues.”

Close Knit Cohort Community of Leaders
“It is rare in a graduate program to be able to get to know every single member of your class on a one to one basis. All of us come from such different backgrounds and perspectives yet we are one big happy family. We all have connected through GSPP and our passion to be the next generation of changemakers. 

It is amazing to sit side by side with people who I know will change the world. Outside of the classroom we’ve been able to support each other and set aside quality time for trips, dinners, and other weekend activities as a group.”

Enriching Classroom Discussions
“The Goldman School has an incredible reputation for nurturing bold thought leaders and attracting world renowned professors. For example, in Professor Larry Magid’s PUB AFF 287: Strategy, Innovation and Leadership in Public Organization course, we presented Innovation Case Studies which took an in depth look at real cases from our cohort. 

My cohort is an incredible group of leaders from all over the world and they each bring their varying experiences into the classroom each day, which serves as a large part of the learning. Each presentation illustrated our learning goals in a way that was not only informative but memorable. I learned about the inner dynamics of a hospital to management strategies for grain rationing in India. My classmates brought such a wide variety of valuable expertise to the classroom that enhanced the lessons of the course.”

Last updated on 09/26/2018