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Lorriane Chue (MPA Candidate ’18)

Lorriane  Chue

Prior degree received:
Bachelor of Business Administration, National University of Singapore

Most recent position:
Deputy Director, National Council of Social Service, Government of Singapore

Previous Experience
“In my most recent position, I worked for the National Council of Social Service, a statutory body that oversees and develops the capabilities of the social service organisations in Singapore. In my last portfolio, I was responsible for developing partnership strategies with corporations, foundations and high net-worth individuals to fund-raise through the brands of President’s Challenge and Community Chest to meet critical and emerging needs of the social service sector.”

Why I Chose An MPA Degree
“I am interested in having a deeper understanding of socioeconomic policies and learning how best to influence government and business decisions for the social service sector. My long term goal is to enhance leadership and organizational capabilities to address systemic challenges across agencies impeding the sector’s capacity to better serve the disadvantaged communities.

Thus, having a deeper understanding of the interplay of politics, economic factors and social policy issues will enable me to better intervene and influence socioeconomic policy-decisions upstream. Honing my analytical capabilities further, on policy application and program evaluation, is essential  as social issues are becoming more contentious across agencies, impacting the effectiveness of policy intent.”

A Highlight From My MPA Experience
“The many readings and discussions in and outside the classroom with faculty and peers really opened up my world helping me see broad perspectives and appreciate the intricacy of policy decision-making.”

Last updated on 09/26/2018