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Emily Wolff (MPA Candidate ’18)

Emily Wolff

Degree Received:
BA, Bard College

Most recent position:
Executive Director, Broadmoor Improvement Association

When I Knew I Needed a Graduate Degree
“I had been working for several years and felt that it was time to take a step back, sharpen my toolkit, broaden my professional network and take some time to refocus.”

How An MPA Will Benefit Me
“The MPA degree is giving me the tools that I need to not only be an effective public manager but also a brave, bold leader. The network that I have built in the program will be an asset that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my professional career.”

Drive Social Change
“I hope to be able to continue to lead in the social sector and drive social change. With my MPA, I hope to be able to create a bridge between the populations most impacted by policy decisions and the policy-makers themselves. 

I also hope to gain a better understanding of how public and private institutions can work in partnership in order to move policy agendas forward through collective action. My MPA degree is giving me the opportunity to retreat, reflect and strengthen the skills that I have been hoping to develop.”