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Chloe Brown (MPA ’17)

Chloe Brown

Prior degree received:
B.A., University of Southern California

Most recent position:
Senior Analyst, U.S. Government Accountability Office

Berkeley MPA’s focus on innovation and leadership
“I've always wanted to pursue a Master's degree. This year seemed like the right time to finally ​go for it because I am increasingly leading projects and teams at work, and want to improve my ability to identify, evaluate, and implement alternatives to the status quo.

The main draws of the Berkeley MPA ​are the Goldman School’s focus on making policy decisions based on solid research and methodical analysis, and the MPA’s focus on innovation and leadership. Plus, the Goldman School is right in my backyard, which makes it easier for me to keep my housing and job while still being able to get the most out of the experience by taking classes in person.”

Immediate benefits
“First and foremost, an MPA will help me perform to the best of my ability when I return to my current job for the rest of the academic year. Just this summer, I've gained valuable skills that I know I'll use frequently to better analyze data and interpret academic studies, lead teams, and​ think strategically. I also plan to take electives that will further strengthen my skills and deepen my knowledge of key policy issues in my portfolio. In the longer term, an MPA should help prepare me for leadership roles higher up the chain in my current organization, or in others.”

Engaged and energetic faculty
“Our instructors are amazing! They've held high-level positions in public organizations, done ground-breaking research, and bring a lot of energy (and often humor) to the classroom. As such, we benefit from their great war stories, insights on quantitative arguments related to policies, and—of course—their jokes.

I really enjoyed the debates in our Leadership class. It was a great way to learn about how leaders will be judged for their handling of tough policy choices. It was also really fun to see everyone riled up and fighting passionately for their side (especially when we knew they were arguing ​for ​things they didn't ​actually ​believe in).”

A cohort of friends
“Our cohort is a highly collaborative and diverse group of people who always have good stories to share. I'm amazed at how quickly we've gotten to know each other and become true friends.”

Last updated on 09/26/2018