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Profiles - MPA Students

Nidhi Hegde

Nidhi Hegde (MPA Candidate ’19)

“I have always admired Berkeley’s commitment to progressive social values, to speaking truth to power, and to standing up for the marginalized. My work in the area of social entrepreneurship had me reflecting on the question of how to infuse more social justice into social entrepreneurship. Asking myself if we are truly serving the most vulnerable with our inclusive business solutions? Or are we creating new types of inequalities and inequities? What socially complex parts of the problem are ignored in the pursuit of scale? When I was researching schools, I found that the professors at Goldman were focused on precisely this type of complexity. I came to Goldman to grapple with these questions, seeking not so much to find definitive answers but to interrogate facile solutions for predictable inequities and unanticipated consequences. And I am excited that in some of my classes, those discussions have begun.”

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Peter Colavito

Peter Colavito (MPA Candidate ’19)

“I was looking for an experience that would bring me into contact with other senior mission-driven public leaders. The Goldman MPA drew a diverse cohort from around the globe that would challenge me to think about how to lead change in a rapidly-changing world. I also knew that Berkeley offered a rich set of academic and professional resources and talent across disciplines.”

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Chris Worman

Chris Worman (MPA Candidate ’19)

“I chose the MPA for its balance of quantitative and strategy courses, international community and timing.”

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Westmann Gustavo

Westmann Gustavo (MPA Candidate ’19)

“More than an outstanding academic program, the MPA is a bridge among experienced people from all over the world, with great stories to tell. At the MPA, I have the opportunity to learn at every coffee I drink with my colleague, at every happy hour, at every spontaneous conversation. Latin Americans, Africans, Europeans and Asian blend with Americans in this high standard and progressive cultural melting pot that only confirms the uniqueness of the MPA and how pride I am to be part of it.”

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Sigridur Ingadottir

Sigridur Ingadottir (MPA Candidate ’19)

“The program has been a tough but great journey. My cohort consists of outstanding individuals from all over the world who will continue to be a part of my life in the future.”

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Seni Hazzan

Seni Hazzan (MPA Candidate ’19)

“My blue sky public policy issue is to create a blockchain of poverty alleviation programs that are self-sustaining and may create a replicable means for countries globally, including emerging economies, to promote new enterprises focused on income growth among the world’s poor especially through tech-enabled entrepreneurship.”

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Dennis O’Connor

Dennis O’Connor (MPA Candidate ’18)

“I plan to focus my ongoing career on Health Policy concentrating on providing quality healthcare to everyone in the United States, humanitarian disaster relief, as well as operational medicine and casualty evacuation.”

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Lorriane  Chue

Lorriane Chue (MPA Candidate ’18)

“The many readings and discussions in and outside the classroom with faculty and peers really opened up my world helping me see broad perspectives and appreciate the intricacy of policy decision-making.”

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Allison  Bormel

Allison Bormel (MPA ’18)

“While I have significant experience communicating complicated policy matters, I am excited that the MPA curriculum has allowed me to deepen my understanding of policy analysis and budgeting.”

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Daryel R. Dunston

Daryel R. Dunston (MPA ’18)

“I see myself as a leader in the public or non-profit sector, and the MPA will equip me with transferable executive and management skills to lead large agencies or organizations.”

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