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Profiles - MPA Students

Purushottam Basava

Purushottam Basava (MPA Candidate ’18)

“To facilitate such rich discussions in a classroom of mid-career professionals from varying industries and policy interests takes true talent and is something the faculty at Goldman do.”

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Emily Wolff

Emily Wolff (MPA Candidate ’18)

“With my MPA, I hope to be able to create a bridge between the populations most impacted by policy decisions and the policy-makers themselves.”

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Leslie Hamilton

Leslie Hamilton (MPA Candidate ’18)

“I want to work alongside other leaders who are ready to take the next step in their careers and are devoted to leaving their communities better than they found them.”

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Dennis O’Connor

Dennis O’Connor (MPA Candidate ’18)

“I plan to focus my ongoing career on Health Policy concentrating on providing quality healthcare to everyone in the United States, humanitarian disaster relief, as well as operational medicine and casualty evacuation.”

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Lorriane Chue

Lorriane Chue (MPA Candidate ’18)

“The many readings and discussions in and outside the classroom with faculty and peers really opened up my world helping me see broad perspectives and appreciate the intricacy of policy decision-making.”

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Allison Bormel

Allison Bormel (MPA ’18)

“While I have significant experience communicating complicated policy matters, I am excited that the MPA curriculum has allowed me to deepen my understanding of policy analysis and budgeting.”

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Daryel R. Dunston

Daryel R. Dunston (MPA ’18)

“I see myself as a leader in the public or non-profit sector, and the MPA will equip me with transferable executive and management skills to lead large agencies or organizations.”

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Ryan Clausnitzer

Ryan Clausnitzer (MPA ’18)

“The Berkeley MPA program was exactly what I was looking and waiting for: a top program with on and off-campus flexibility that allowed me to maintain my current employment.”

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Moses Zapien

Moses Zapien (MPA ’18)

“As a recent policymaker, I recognize the value of a formal public policy education and the difference it makes in the decision-making process.”


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Monica Pech

Monica Pech (MPA ’18)

“Since this was an investment towards my future, I wanted to immerse myself in a challenging learning environment at a selective school that provides high quality education with high caliber students. GSPP has exceeded my expectations.”

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