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Public Policy & Int’l and Area Studies

Important Program Change Information

The MPP/MA IAS degree option has changed.

Students are now invited to apply to the one-year Master's Program in Global Studies (formerly International and Area Studies). Students applying for the MA degree in Global Studies (GS) may submit an on-line application directly through the Graduate Division Admissions website (http://grad.berkeley.edu/admissions/apply/).

For details regarding the Global Studies program, visit: http://globalstudies.berkeley.edu/degree-programs/global-studies/ or call (510) 642-4466.

GS MA Degree Requirements

  • Students must take six courses, each at four units, to complete their 24-unit degree.* At least twelve of the 24 units must be graduate-level course work (course numbered 200-299). No more than a third of the units (8 maximum) may be taken on an S/U or P/NP grading basis.
  • The six courses are broken down as follows: (1) A proseminar that all students are required to take, (2) two social science courses, (3) two area studies classes, and (4) a class in EITHER Social Science OR Area Studies, depending on the student’s interest.
  • Capstone – All students must undergo a comprehensive examination, with both written and oral components. A committee consisting of three faculty members will direct the examination for all of the students in any given cohort, which will require synthesis of material from student coursework.
  • Advancement to Candidacy: Approval of all course work and approval of the faculty committee must be granted by the GS MA Faculty Adviser prior to advancement to candidacy. The candidacy petition must be submitted no later than the fifth week of the semester in which the student intends to complete the degree. Final approval of candidacy petitions is granted by the Dean of the Graduate Division.

*Some programs offer three-unit courses that are otherwise acceptable. If a student wishes to take a three-unit course, that student must do an additional unit’s worth of work, either by completing an additional paper, or attending additional meetings, either with the instructor of the course or with the student’s Global Studies Faculty Advisor

Applications are due January 7, 2019.

GLOBAL Studies Application Instructions