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Public Policy & Engineering


Government and technology interact more, and with greater consequences, every year. Whether the issue area is environmental protection, intellectual property (copyright and the internet), health care, water supply, or any of myriad other contexts, government agencies at all levels, non-profit organizations and private industry need people who understand technology on its own terms and also the ways government supports, controls, or directs it.

The Goldman School offers a concurrent degree program with the College of Engineering that allows a student admitted to both schools to receive the MS and MPP degrees in two years including a summer internship. Students in the MS/MPP program ordinarily take the first year core program of GSPP, and in their second year write a large paper that satisfies both the MS thesis requirement and the MPP APA requirement, and take electives mostly in the College of Engineering plus six units of electives agreeable to both schools.

Because this program is small and students are admitted to specific departments of the College of Engineering, each student’s program tends to be customized with the agreement of advisors in both programs.

Applicants for the concurrent program should select the option for Public Policy/Engineering when beginning the online application. The departments may communicate about these applications while considering them, but admission decisions are independent and it is possible to be admitted to one and not the other program.

For more information about this program, contact the GSPP Admissions Office at (510) 642-7888 / (510) 642-1940 or via at mppadm@berkeley.edu or Philip Kaminsky, Executive Associate Dean of the College of Engineering and Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, at (510) 643-4927. Note that the two to three MPP/MS students are a tiny fraction of students in the very large College of Engineering and the program may be unfamiliar to many of its staff and faculty.

PDST Tuition Costs for the MPP-Engineering Programs

For students accepted into the MPP/Engineering concurrent degree, the Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition (PDST) fee is assessed as follows for every semester: Since both degree programs have a PDST, the student is assessed the higher of the two PDSTs. 

Apply to an MPP/MS program.