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Angel Enters Foster Care Through Probation’s Door

"Like a picture in a magazine." That's how Angel's mother Leah wanted their small townhouse in Pacifica, California, to look. Picture perfect. Leah says that she got the idea of giving her 12-year-old daughter chores after Angel's school sent home fliers describing the importance of teaching children… More

Museums Can Change—Will They?

I tell my students, and only somewhat flippantly, that arts policy is the most important policy arena. Seriously? Well, most people think health policy is right up there—but why live longer if life isn’t worth living? And if you don’t think government has a lot to do with whether and how you can… More

Mother-in-law units, the Swiss Army knife of housing policy

One of California’s great strengths is the repertoire of ideas and practices that our diverse immigrant population brings from all over. However, some really good ideas from elsewhere have trouble taking root here and, as an East Coast import, I have been especially puzzled that owner-occupied rental… More

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