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Jeff Rayos (MPA ’17)

Jeff Rayos

Prior degree received:
B.A., University of California, Berkeley

Most recent position:
Management Associate, County of Alameda

Building on my experience in the public sector
“Prior to coming to the Goldman School of Public Policy I managed renewable energy projects for local governments in the Bay Area. My experience in the public sector has allowed me to interpret the concepts taught at Goldman with real world applicability.

Apart from Goldman's outstanding reputation for producing change makers and thought leaders for the public good, I was attracted to the school because of the focus on innovative thinking for the public sector.After working in the public sector for several years I felt I had gained enough knowledge and experience to fully benefit from Berkeley's enriching coursework. I felt ready to take the next step by investing in my future and excited about the prospects of making that happen at Goldman.”

Becoming a change agent for the public sector
“The MPA degree has prepared me to think strategically about public sector operations. The demands and rigor of the coursework have also prepared me to be efficient under stressful environments. I envision myself as a change agent for the public sector. I want to transform governments to become cleaner, smarter and more efficient. The MPA degree has prepared me with the tools and techniques to make that happen.”

Passionate and committed faculty
“I really enjoyed the diversity of coursework each Goldman professor brought to the MPA. Every instructor is passionate about public policy and challenged us to think critically and strategically about what the public sector could become.”

Lasting connections
“Goldman did an exceptional job in selecting a cohort that was diverse in thoughts and ideas about public policy. Each individual brought a unique perspective which contributed to the richness of the program.

I'll never forget the leadership debate because it showcased how incredibly talented and professional the cohort was. It was like watching a live version of the world’s’ future leaders. Not only were MPA students incredibly smart and talented, they were also warm and generous people. I feel they've created long lasting bonds with every person.”

Last updated on 09/26/2018