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Hector Mujica (MPA ’18)

Hector  Mujica

Prior degree received:
Bachelor of Business Administration, Florida International University

Most recent position:
Regional Manager, Google Inc.

Current Professional Experience
“In my current role, I serve as a Regional Manager at Google.org where I manage philanthropic programs and investment in Latin America. I also manage Google.org’s crisis response and humanitarian portfolio.”

Policy Interests
“Coming from the private sector, my policy interests revolve around the intersection of the private and public sector to help increase equality (racial, socioeconomic, and otherwise) in our communities and to look at these aspects through the lens of technology. I am intrigued by the potential for technology to serve as a tool for the type of human-centered democracy we need to address inequalities in our country.”

When I Knew I Should Pursue Graduate School
“Having been in the workforce the past six years, I knew it was time to continue learning and challenging myself. My classes are giving me the tools, technical and analytical understanding needed to help make me a more competitive candidate. With my BerkeleyMPA I know this will be an asset as I seek to make a pivot in my career to the public sector, likely as a public servant or potentially appointed/elected office.”

Program Highlights
“The amount of expertise and experience my instructors bring into the classroom has been a highlight of my experience. They make the concepts and theories understandable because they have applied them to real life scenarios, and they bring those lessons into the classroom creating opportunities for “ah ha” moments.

Not only am I learning from my instructors, but from my peers as well. Some of my most memorable moments are working with my cohort to tackle new problems, class assignments, or new concepts presented in class. Each classmate brings such a diverse perspective and I am continuously impressed by the degree of passion and intellect in my cohort. Everyone brings a new perspective and view issues and topics through their worldview, which helps expand the mind of every individual.”

Last updated on 09/26/2018